The Holy Beginning – Genesis

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Ever since God died ( circa the invention of Instagram and the birth of Mark Zuckerberg ), the Holy Prophets have been out of work. Shit out of luck and shit out of hope for mankind, Moses, Jesus, Vishnu, and Buddha did what all certified degens would do. They fudded a lot, they partied too much, and into The Metaverse they crawled, giving up on salvation for humanity entirely. But then, something remarkable happened. After some time at the blackjack table together at The Aquarium Casino in Decentraland, they began to believe that humanity might not be doomed after all. People were yelling out GM to each other, hyping strangers up with new psalms like WAGMI, YGMI, and LFG.

“Maybe God isn’t dead,” said Jesus. “Maybe He is just decentralized.” In a frenzy of newfound optimism, the team of Holy Ones banded together to found The Holy DAO with one mission: doing God’s work in The Metaverse.

And they weren’t going to screw it up like last time. This time, they would preach coexistence over division and hate. This time, they would mandate pleasure instead of outlawing it. And this time, they were going to listen to their disciples.

The Holy DAO tribe members will be granted a vast treasury, beginning with 100% of the profits from the Holy Ones’ mint sales. Their mandate is to fund projects that further the Holy Ones’ mission of fun, harmony, and growth in The Metaverse, starting with pleasure. The Holy DAO tribe’s first goal is to create the future of the play-to-earn, play-to-own and risk-to-earn gaming ecosystem together. Follow The Holy Ones in the exodus from traditional gaming to on-chain gaming. Lead the revolution in the evolution of gaming as we know it. Propose the next big game, get approval from tribe members, and from your mouth to God’s ears it goes. Participate in design and development, spread the good word and become a part of something bigger.

Don’t forget, before the Beeple, there was the Bible. Join the Holy tribe today.