Metaverse NFTs

The Holy Ones have been resurrected, this time in the Metaverse, and are here to change the game by building the framework for the future of NFT gaming projects. They are inviting their community to join The Holy DAO, and be the decision makers for building out the revolution of web3 games.

Benefits of Owning a The Holy Ones NFT

Access to Holy Ones licensing pool and DAO decision making. Members also get metaverse-ready avatars and VIP access to popular Holy Dripz merchandise. Discover all the membership benefits by clicking here.

The Holy Ones Avatar Gallery

Explore The Holy Ones metaverse art gallery located in the heart of the Vegas District of Decentraland (coordinates: 2, -18). Proceeds from the sale of The Holy Ones NFT avatars fund The Holy DAO treasury, which allows NFT owners to earn royalties (done with commercial ip liscence) and invest in current and future metaverse development. Click here to learn more.

The Holy Ones Roadmap

Follow the development of The Holy Ones since its inception in August of 2021. From its inception in Decentraland at The Aquarium, follow The Holy Games development timeline including Rock Paper Scissors, World Series Rock Paper Scissors tournaments, Temple of Games, and Holy RockemSockem as well as the Holy Dripz IRL merchandise drop. Find out more here.

Holy Dao

The Holy Dao is the governing body behind The Holy Treasury. The Holy Treasury consists of the proceeds from the sale of The Holy Ones NFTs, which in turn fund projects that align with the goals of The Holy Ones community. By means of voting, The Holy Ones NFT owners guide and control the use of treasury funds. Discover more here.

Genesis – The Holy Ones Beginning

Discover the origin story of the Holy Ones – how they came to be, and what they hope to achieve in The Metaverse. Spoiler alert, their mission is one of fun, harmony, and growth. But there is so much more to it than that. Click here to learn more.

The Holy Ones Team

With office locations scattered across the globe, The Holy Ones team consists of the best and brightest with state-of-the-art technology allowing the team to operate seamlessly. While The Holy Ones team possesses an abundance of creativity, they also share a laser-focused vision and a steadfast commitment to goals of The Holy Ones community at large. Learn more about The Holy Ones dynamic team here.

The Holy Ones NFT FAQ

Do you have questions about The Holy Ones NFTs, or NFTs in general? Not sure what Blockchain is or how to purchase cryptocurrencies? If so, we’ve got the answers to all that and much more. Our Frequently Asked Questions section is an ever-expanding resource to help you navigate your way through the metaverse. Get your questions answered here.