The Holy Benefits

The Holy Ones NFT Owners get:

  • 20% of royalties (done with commercial ip liscence) generated from all current* and future The Holy Ones branded games and all The Holy Ones projects.
    * (view some of our current games at The Aquarium in Decentraland)
  • Membership in The Holy DAO:
    • which includes access to Holy-Owner-Only forums where The Holy Ones project decisions are discussed and voted on as a community…
    • As well as access to The Holy Treasury where 100% of initial The Holy Ones NFT mint-profits will be deposited
  • Invites to virtual and IRL events and parties
  • Metaverse-ready avatars
  • Exclusive Access to Holy Dripz physical merch collection
  • Exclusive access to The Holy Ones physical NFTs displayed on digital frames (with Holy discounts)
  • Early access to all future The Holy Ones projects’ presale, whitelists, and airdrops
  • Exclusive metaverse wearables, accessories, and avatar upgrades
  • The Holy Ones collection listed on Rarity Tools

The benefits of owning a The Holy Ones NFT